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aha, c'est moi [Jun. 6th, 2008|09:06 pm]

(With apologies to the Priory's official website.)(Don't worry, i don't need to check myself in just yet, was just reading something about it in t'paper - apparently yer man from Aerosmith recently checked himself in to this well known drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation centre because he 'hurt his foot'.)(And they're a bit on the hyperbolic side, aren't they? 'Call the Priory', pah! 'Call it a good night out' more like.)


In other news, exam studies shutting down will to live. Must resuscitate life-force with trip to Irish bar later. (It's got really good Guinness, is run by a surly/burly Oirish aul fella from Mayo, and does lock-ins every night - huzzah!)