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Dear Missus... [Apr. 4th, 2008|01:20 am]
Madam, - Fr Séamus Murphy (Letters, April 2nd) is completely disingenuous in his discussion of faith in our schools.

Whatever way he may try to spin it, it remains the case that there has been, for many many years, a de facto delegation of control over our schools to the church in Ireland. Whether or not the State has - or should have - the right to educate all children within the State is beside the point in this context. The undeniable truth of the matter is that the church controls the vast majority of Irish schools today.

Fr Murphy's recourse to Article 42 of Bunreacht na hÉireann is absurd insofar as it presumes that parents today can exercise a real choice over who it is that educates their children. But when the vast majority of schools are controlled by the church, such a choice does not exist.

Does Fr Murphy seriously maintain that the "increased cultural and religious diversity" he so cherishes is best served by continued Catholic dominance over the administration of our primary and secondary education system? The fact that he goes on to mock the idea that all religions might be taught in an objective manner in schools and afforded parity of esteem renders his own, ostensible, position farcical.

Affording control of schools to the State would do nothing to undermine "parental rights", as he claims, and would serve only to remove church influence from one of the last areas of Irish civic life in which it exerts control. I look forward to the day when this happens.

While he may accuse others of "soft totalitarianism", Fr Murphy merely shows himself to be another chauvinist Catholic dogmatic, and demonstrates his own intolerance of an inclusive and multicultural Ireland. - Yours, etc,

OWEN CORRIGAN, Jesus College, Oxford.
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ringalingadingdong [Apr. 1st, 2008|02:37 am]
i know it's been a while since i last blogged, but i had to come out of hiding to share this:

I beg you to watch it. I beg you.


In other news, Oxford like a ghost town, should have stayed in Dublin, suddenly two assignments does not seem like enough to fill three weeks until term starts back. I may well be dead from boredom before any of you see me again. Awfully dull, awfully depressing.


In other other news, too much other news to condense into 10 second blogpost. Oh, but i did see Avenue Q in London over the weekend - it was amusing and enjoyable, if not a bit american, and not quite as hilarious as i was expecting. Also had my first snuff experience over the weekend, at a black tie birthday party in the Abbey, surrounded by a bunch of priests and homosexuals. And no, i don't mean they turned on their camcorders and murdered someone with the intention of selling the video on the black market - twas the nasal kind, you see.

"Pish posh!" quoth I, "I'm not preposterously pretentious enough to snort a gentleman's frippery that went out of fashion in the 18th century."
But apparently i was. And most enjoyable it was too - just like having a fag up yer nose! Except it clears your sinuses, smells nice and wakes you up all at the same time. And one doesn't sneeze afterwards, contrary to historical cartoon representations.
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cool! [Feb. 21st, 2008|01:13 pm]
this is, like, totally cool, and stuff.

1. SM-3 missile launched from a US Navy cruiser in Pacific Ocean
2. The three-stage missile headed for collision location, where the relative "closing" speed was expected to be 10km/s (22,000mph)
3. Satellite came in range at altitude of 247km (133 nautical miles), close to edge of Earth's atmosphere
4. Missile made contact with satellite with objective of breaking fuel tank, freeing hydrazine into space
5. Much of the debris will burn up but an as yet unknown amount is expected to be scattered over hundreds of kilometres
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it's true! [Feb. 19th, 2008|11:54 am]
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pahahaa [Feb. 18th, 2008|11:24 pm]
from the 'dar (where else?)

"hey guys im [name deleted] im 19 yr old im a singer from nr london ,number one very mature i have lived away since i was 14 for wrk purposes and have learnt to look after myslef and i make all my own money and am very independant. im nice friendly talented ,i always aspire to be more i have fun evryday im not bitchy im not mean and i would do anythin to help anuffer human being or animal i like music its my job lol i have dun alot in my yung age say hey if u like the look ps nt out for just shagging"

-it may well be the case that he has done a lot in his 'yung' age, but could he not have learned some basic punctuation and spelling in his 19 years?


In other news, term ends two weeks from this friday. And thus concludes ALL of my lectures/teaching here. Then i'm on my own to study for two exams, write the thesis, et c'est la. Seems like an unfeasibly short period of time to have come to such a pass, but i ain't complaining. Back to Dublin in less than three weeks, hurrah.


went to see Juno earlier. i love Michael Cera - he's so CUTE! and adorable.


i shaved my beard off last night, after precisely two months without a shave. it seemed to have plateaued more or less after the first month though, but was getting a bit scraggly, and had developed a disturbing red tinge. see friends-only entry if casting judgment is your thing.
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receive satisfaction [Jan. 29th, 2008|01:33 pm]
So, you put your money into the photobooth - SIX euro - and you press the buttons to have your passport photos taken, and then you wait. And you wait some more. And five minutes later it becomes readily apparent that you've just been fleeced, in broad daylight, by a *machine*, and those pictures are never gonna come out. And what do you do? Will kicking it help? Will repeatedly pushing the 'Coin Return' button? Will screaming silently in rage under your breath?


So you walk away defeated, and feeling like you've been had. But not without first taking the email address of the company who maintains the photobooths - readily available on the side of the machine - with the intention of lambasting, excoriating and damning them in the most civilly virulent tone you can muster. You demand a refund of all monies expended. But you consign yourself to the fact that you are just another victim of the machine age, caught in some Tati-esque labyrinth of dehumanising technology. And you accept that whichever minor functionary receives your email will most likely have a good laugh about it with whomsoever else happens to be in the office, before promptly deleting it, or sending it to the 'Crank' folder.

And then... you receive a cheque! Reimbursing you in full and with an abject apology. Victory is yours!



I'm glad to hear they are most anxious that customers receive satisfaction for monies inserted. I always expect satisfaction for monies inserted.
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a to z [Jan. 28th, 2008|09:57 pm]
what do you do when you HATE someone you go to college with, and see (unfortunately) on a daily basis, but who everyone else seems to find tolerable, for some inexplicable reason?

a. reject and decry
b. berate and abhor
c. deplore and destroy
d. ignore and reject
e. despair and accept
f. lament and lambast
g. bewail and bemoan
h. grin and bear
i. smile and chat
j. smirk and slash
k. put rat through letterbox
l. poo on doorstep
m. photoshop nude photos and sell to Sun
n. character assassinate
o. plain ol’ assassinate
p. torch wardrobe
q. torch hairdo
r. spike drink
s. place discarded syringe in knicker drawer
t. put rat in knicker drawer
u. poo in knicker drawer
v. torch knicker drawer
w. photoshop nude photos of girl with rat and sell to Sun
x. photoshop nude photos of girl with poo and sell to Sun
y. photoshop nude photos of rat in girl’s knickers and sell to Sun
z. [as yet unidentified option: suggestions please]?

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4, 3, 5 bulletpoints, ranged thematically [Jan. 22nd, 2008|01:47 am]
so much to say, so little inclination to say any of it.

-i had an absolutely fantastic time in Dublin over Xmas
-i was so, so miserable to be back here
-But in the next couple of weeks i have several dinners to look forward to - in Magdalen, Green, Balliol and Westminster Abbey - as well as a Masters coursemates pub social, instigated by yours truly, on friday, then gay drinks tomorrow, cocktails on saturday, and London next weekend.
-So, it's not so bad being back after all.

-Applied for that PhD funding in Dublin, hold out no great hopes, my idea was just shiiiiiiit
-went to meet an academic in Cambridge, nice chat, complete waste of time though as i could never afford it even if they let me in
-have a vague idea for my Masters thesis.

-Unfortunately, i had scintillating scotoma about an hour ago, which means
-i've entered the prodrome, which means
-i'm in for a whole world of pain tomorrow, although
-i've taken a loading dose of 800mg ibuprofen in the hope it will abort this
-fucking migraine

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various pointless permutations [Jan. 9th, 2008|03:56 pm]
i have been remiss in my blogging.
but i have also been having a great time in Dublin.
so therein lies the trade-off.

when i am back in Oxford and devoid of witty homosexual friends with whom to pass the time i'm sure i will recommence blogging, in tedious detail, about the various pointless permutations of my self.

but right now i'm happy with dancin', romancin' and sleepin' all day.

i am of course concerned about the wider world that awaits me beyond this cossetted student bubble, and am taking some steps towards ensuring some sort of continuity and direction past the end of this academic year, and into the beginning of the next. But the more i think on't the more hopeless it all seems, and i fear i may be forced into a radical life reappraisal sometime in mid July. I hope it all works out, but have little faith that it will.

I envisage a Bobby Malone moment*.

On a totally unrelated note, Nina Simone is simply marvellous and i have added several of her albums to my collection in recent days. I implore you all to watch this fantastic video of her playing in Harlem in 1969, and hope that the majesty of both her performance and her earrings will not be lost on you.

*for 'moment' read 'extended period of several months'...
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bacon/egg [Dec. 9th, 2007|08:21 pm]
Went to London again last night, coz i wanted to DANCE, and there's nothin happenin round these parts now. I looked on the Time Out website and was excited to see that Horse Meat Disco have a new(-ish) saturday night, every two weeks, in some place at Elephant & Castle. So i dragged my gladrags on, hopped on the bus, drank a naggin of whiskey, and arrived into a moderately heaving throng in a moderately sized club with only a couple of those famed, but elusive, Horse Meat trannies to be seen. The music was deadly though, and it was a better crowd than the geriatric convention that seemed to have chosen sunday HorseMeat for their annual day out when we went in London that time. But the crowd was still a little bit on the older side, and lacking somewhat in twenty-somethings. Undeterred, i continued with my descent into paralytic intoxication and snogged some Swiss guy who, it transpired, was weird, creepy and somewhat unstable. And no amount of blond hair could mitigate any of that. So then i had to try shake him off by flirting with a bizarrely dressed Spanish graphic designer, who was having none of it, and subsequently by flirting with some guy from Yorkshire who eventually dematerialised. Or perhaps i just lost the ability to see straight. I talked to Booby Tuesday for a while and she was really quite personable. And large. Apparently she was giving out Christmas presents earlier in the evening, but alas i missed out, due to a general lack of motor-neuron co-ordination. Here is the Boobalicious one herself, in youtube video format.

6.30am arrived and i was feeling a bit exhausted from all the disco mayhem, so i had a brief nap-ette on a handy couch, and woke up at 7am, ready to queue outside in the cold and wait for the Tube to start running again. I shoved two bacon/egg McMuffins into my face to sustain me through the bus journey home and seeming moments later i awoke once more in Oxford. And promptly went back to bed, til 4pm.

Now, i'm all packed up and ready to go. (Back to Ireland, tomorrow.) But before that, i have a g'dar date that i must attend to. Saw some more of that Oxfordshire native during the week, but i dunno. I did't hear the chorus of angels singing. Flipside.


P.S. There's something utterly adorable about this guy singing Christmas songs with his cat. I love a man who loves his cat. Whaddya reckon, is he gay? Or just a feline-fancier?
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